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Accomodation / Tenancy

If you need help with Accomodation / Tenancy we will help you out. 


Our nurses can help arrange transportation to and from medical appointments, specialists, hairdressers, podiatrists, treatments, social engagements, and other similar appointments. The nursing staff can pick you up at your designated location and take you to your destination. 

 They can also participate in appointments / events (if necessary) before sending it home safely. 

 We can also help with transportation through public transportation, either for an appointment together or to provide training on using public transportation. 
Transportation to and from the store 
Help with carrying shopping bags 
Help with shopping 
Preparing meals 
Help with utensils 
Help with special diets for health, religious, cultural or other reasons 
Help with real food when needed.

Image by Tiago Muraro
Image by Jaddy Liu
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