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Innovative Community Participation

The Innovative Community Participation Program is designed to help NDIS participants develop the skills to actively participate in the community. 
Through parallel practice, the program hires well-trained community participation practitioners who help participants expand community participation and employment opportunities. 
Community engagement professionals adopt community-based capacity building methods by working with participants in the local community to increase the likelihood of acceptance and successful transition from service to informal support and/or employment.

Old Man Sitting

The importance of commitment to the community, social contribution, and interpersonal relationships for maintaining personal well-being 

 Self-awareness and self-care 

 Acquire awareness of personal interests, skills, and passions, and connect them to employment pathways 

 Emotional awareness and self-regulation 

 The ability to adapt to society, including raising awareness of social norms and expectations 

 Your relationship with disability, independence, self-confidence, and self-esteem 

 Control systems and plans to successfully participate in your community and work path Prepare and support access to training opportunities and employment 

 In Capacity building for seeking help in a community environment without the need for continuous formal support

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